Unlocking the Secrets to Finding Winning Products with Adnosaur

In dropshipping, having a strategy to find winning products is one of the most important things. At Adnosaur, we understand this and offer you not just data, but actionable metrics that will simply tell you if a product is worth testing. This blog shows two potential strategies to discover winning products using our application.

Strategy 1: Leveraging Winning Stores

Our first strategy revolves around the most successful stores. Here’s how you can use their success to build your own strategy:

  1. Start at the Store Overview: Sort stores based on active ads to see which ones top the list. This initial step quickly reveals the giants in the dropshipping market.
  2. Analyze Growth Trajectories: Dive deeper by examining a store’s growth on the store details page. A store trending upwards or maintaining stability is what you are looking for as those are mostly profitable.
  3. Inspect Active Products: Once you find a store, it’s time to explore its products. Sort the products based on the number of active ads and pay special attention to products that are also sold by other stores.
  4. Pick any of the best performing products and go to the product details page. Here you can analyze the most successful advertisements by their runtime. Mimicking the style of the most successful ads and product page, or outright copying them, is your shortcut to dropshipping success.
  5. Sell the product and profit!

Strategy 2: Product Page Research (Our favorite)

Our second strategy is a deep dive into the products page, using filters to find products that are not just performing well, but are also not saturated.

  1. Go to the product page and apply filters such as:
    1. 5-50 active ads
    2. 2-9999 active sellers
    3. Recent dates
    4. niche of your choice (or no niche at all)

This precision filtering will show you all products that are not saturated, but look promising.

  1. Navigate to the product detail page and assess the growth or decline of the active ads and sellers through our detailed graph. An upward trend signals a good opportunity, while a declining curve might suggest market saturation.
  2. Visit the Facebook advertisements page and note the ads with longer runtimes. These are most likely profitable and should guide the style or content of your own advertisements.
  3. Sell the product and profit!

Crafting Your Own Strategy

While the strategies above are proven, dropshipping is highly volatile and continuously evolving. Therefore it is best to craft your own unique strategies. Your goal is to tailor your filters and research methods to catch a winning product while it is selling well but before it reaches saturation.
Final thoughts

Success in dropshipping comes down to finding winning products. Use Adnosaur to reliably find those winning products. Experiment, adapt, and let our platform guide your journey to dropshipping success. Here’s to finding your next bestseller and making your mark in the dropshipping world!

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