Exploring Data Insights: Your Guide to Navigating Adnosaur’s Store Detail Pages

In the dynamic world of dropshipping, staying ahead is all about finding a good product. While revenue trackers, tools that monitor shopify page edit frequencies to estimate sales, have been the mainstream for measuring product popularity, they have significant drawbacks. They’re easy to manipulate, as there are a lot of tools to fake sales.
Adnosaur offers a refreshing alternative. By sourcing data directly from the public sources, we provide almost 100% accurate data, giving our users a trustworthy and undistorted view of what products and stores are thriving

Store metrics: A Snapshot of Success

Adnosaurs store metrics page isn’t just informative, it’s actionable. We only show you a few metrics, but these metrics tell you exactly if the store you are analyzing is successful or not. Let’s dive into these metrics:
Active Ads – The number of adsets currently promoting the store’s products, this metric is crucial. It allows you to gauge market activity of the store. If there are a lot of adsets live, the store is really active and most likely profitable.

Active Products – This tells you how many products they are actively advertising for. A higher count could indicate a more successful store or a store that is currently testing a lot of new products.

Store Analytics Graph – The store’s journey can be seen here, charting ads and products over time to give you historical context and trend analysis. This way you can easily spot if a store is increasing or decreasing in sales volume.

These metrics together with the country the store is selling in are essential pieces of the puzzle, and together, they form a comprehensive picture of the store’s success.

Products section

The product section on the Store Detail page will give you a sneak peak into the data of the store’s products. Here’s what you’ll find and how to use it:

Active Ads – How many ads are out there currently pushing the product? This number lets you gauge the competition. If it is too high, you might not want to jump in because of product saturation. If it is too low, the product might not be a winning product. It is all about finding the sweet spot.

Active Sellers – How many stores are actually pushing the advertisement. This will help you gauge the competition in a different way. If there are for example only three stores selling the product, but currently there are more than 40 active adsets. It shows you that those three stores have a lot of success selling the item, but the market is not saturated yet. This will be a great sign to start testing the product.

Moreover, our niche classification, financial indicators (Status, Cost Price, Profit Margin), and more, paint a full picture of each product. You can also sort the products based on the number of ads to make your product research even simpler.

Facebook Ads Section

Successful dropshipping stores often have one thing in common: robust ad campaigns. Adnosaur’s detailed facebook ads section offers a detailed overview of these campaigns, complete with:

Active ads –  The number of different adsets using this ad creative.

Start date and Status – Helps track the campaign’s journey through time, providing clues on the ad’s effectiveness and lifespan. For example, if the ad is active for a long time, you know it is most likely profitable.
If one of the ads seems really interesting you can dive even deeper in the ads data by clicking on the “Show more” button, which will open some more information about the advertisement:

Niche – Identifies the market segment the product is targeting, which is crucial for understanding product positioning and audience.

Language –  The language used in the ad campaign. This can give insights into the geographical and demographic targeting strategies of the advertiser.

Product cost price – Reveals the sourcing cost of the product, offering a baseline for calculating potential profit margins.
Product selling price – The price at which the product is being advertised. Comparing this with the cost price helps in understanding the markup and potential customer price sensitivity.

Additionally, the ability to access the FB ads library directly or download ad creatives provides a good way to analyze (and copy 😀) competitors’ advertising content and strategies.

Conclusion: Your Next Step Towards Dropshipping Dominance

Adnosaur stands at the forefront of dropshipping product research innovation, offering a tool that not only shows the current market dynamics but also empowers you to make informed decisions. By understanding the real story behind each metric and leveraging our insights into competitor stores, you’re not just observing the market—you’re positioning yourself to lead it.

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