Exploring Data Insights: Your Guide to Navigating Adnosaur’s Product Detail Pages

In today’s competitive dropshipping landscape, informed decisions powered by detailed data insights are key to success. At Adnosaur, our product detail pages are designed to offer you an overview of actionable metrics for each product, ensuring every decision is data-driven. Let’s dive into the information these pages hold and how it can help you find winning products.

Maximizing Profit Potential: Understanding the Numbers

The search for a lucrative product begins with answering two pivotal questions: “What are my costs?” and “What profits can I anticipate?”. Adnosaur shows this with precise metrics, giving you with the right tools to forecast your earnings accurately:

Average Selling Price – This metric represents the mean price point at which the product is being sold across various stores and countries, enabling you to set a competitive pricing strategy.

Cost Price – Directly from AliExpress, this figure reveals what it costs to source the product. But remember, when working with custom suppliers you might even be able to source the product for less.

Margin –  Essentially the difference between the average selling price and the cost price, providing a quick glance at profitability.

Break-even ROAS – A bit more complex, this figure tells you the return on ad spend needed just to make back your advertising investment. It’s a critical number for planning your ad budget.
With these numbers at hand, you can calculate your potential earnings and plan your advertising budget for a solid start.

Deciphering Performance Metrics: Signals of Success
Adnosaur’s performance metrics are the tracks left by other merchants, guiding you through the competitive wilderness. These figures don’t just reflect numbers, they show you exactly if this is the product you are looking for.

Active Ads – How many ads are currently active on Facebook? This number lets you gauge the competition. If it is too high, you might not want to jump in because of product saturation. If it is too low, the product might not be a winning product. It is all about finding the sweet spot.

Active Sellers – How many stores are actively advertising this product on Facebook. This will help you gauge the competition in a different way. If there are for example only three stores selling the product, but currently there are more than 40 active ads. It shows you that those three stores have a lot of success selling the item, but the market is most likely not saturated yet. This will be a great sign to start testing the product.

AliExpress Orders – Sales volume on AliExpress, plain and simple. A high number could mean a winning and high quality product, but it could also signal a saturated market.

Product Analytics Graph – A visual plot of sellers and ads over time, it’s a narrative of the product’s market journey.
These metrics are the groundwork for a new strategic approach to finding winning products, offering insights into a product’s track record and current standing among other sellers. By analyzing these details, you can easily and quickly find your next winning product.

Stores section: diving deep into the stores of competitors

This section is your spyglass into the enemy’s camp, showing you who’s selling the product, where, and how they’re branding it. Key metrics include:

Country –  Identifies where the store is primarily selling, helping you understand geographic markets.

Store name & product name –  reflects how they’re branding it, a clever name can be a gold mine.
Product Price, Product URL and FB ads library link  – lets you window-shop their strategy, you can check different successful competitors, see how they have created their product page and take the best of each competitor to craft a highly converting product page.

Product ads, store ads and status – This section provides a quick glance at the advertising efforts and current status of the competitors’ stores. Product ads show you how many ads are currently running for the selected product, store ads show you how many ads the store is totally running and the status will show you if the store is still active or not.
If a store shows potential, you can dive even deeper in the store data by clicking on the “Store info” button which will bring you to the store details page. With these insights, your entry into the marketplace is less about guesswork and more about strategy. Knowledge is power, and with Adnosaur, it’s also your competitive advantage.

Facebook Ads Section

Successful dropshipping products often have one thing in common: robust ad campaigns. Adnosaur’s detailed facebook ads section offers a complete overview of these campaigns, complete with:

Active ads –  The number of different adsets using this ad creative.

Start date and Status – Helps track the campaign’s journey through time, providing clues on the ad’s effectiveness and lifespan. For example, if the ad is active for a long time, you know it is most likely profitable.
If one of the ads seems really interesting you can dive even deeper in the ads data by clicking on the “Show more” button, which will open some more information about the advertisement:
Niche – Identifies the market segment the product is targeting, which is crucial for understanding product positioning and audience.

Language –  The language used in the ad campaign. This can give insights into the geographical and demographic targeting strategies of the advertiser.

Product cost price – Reveals the sourcing cost of the product, offering a baseline for calculating potential profit margins.
Product selling price – The price at which the product is being advertised. Comparing this with the cost price helps in understanding the markup and potential customer price sensitivity.

Additionally, the ability to access the FB ads library directly or download ad creatives provides a good way to analyze (and copy 😀) competitors’ advertising content and strategies.

Conclusion: Turning Insights into Action

Getting the right insights from these metrics can be the difference between a product that fizzles out and one that flies off the virtual shelves. Use Adnosaur’s data to find the winning products and outsmart your competition. With Adnosaur it’s not just about finding a product – it’s about unleashing its potential.

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